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Transformation Delivery

Oselix provides end-to-end transformation support throughout the delivery phase - from defining implementation methodologies to inform the right plan, producing high-quality designs to guide and shape the target implementations, through to coaching and leading delivery teams to produce better quality output.
Furthermore, because our services align to a strong process-orientated, business-first strategy, we can ensure business change objectives are never eclipsed - even by the most demanding IT implementations.

Making Notes

Implementation Methodology

Implementing business change economically requires a crystal-clear understanding of - not just the itinerary of outputs that are required to realise the change - but moreover, an efficient and effective means of delivering them. This requires an implementation methodology - a delivery template that ensures the right outputs are produced, in the right sequence, and to the requisite quality.
Oselix uses its expertise to define effective implementation methodologies that can optimise delivery velocity -  reducing wasted delivery effort, missed deadlines, and the need for re-planning.

Architect at Work

Business Architecture and Process Design

Business architecture and process design remain Oselix’s core capability.  We provide delivery support by creating clear future-state models of your transformed business that act as a compass to guide transformation programmes so they can realise their primary business-change objectives.
Our strategy is simply to maintain an acute focus on the implementation - which means that any architectural or process models only ever serves to inform tangible implementations.  So, no ivory-tower here.  We work on-the-ground, closely with business experts to understand the reality of current-state processes in order to shape practical, future-state process implementations that connect people and technology effectively.

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Implementation Leadership

Oselix provides hands-on delivery leadership and coaching of business change teams in current-state analysis and design, and future-state business modelling.  The benefits of this to change programmes is considerable, ensuring implementation methodologies, designs and standards are observed, as well as helping to maintain a delivery velocity in line with the programme plans, while all the time up-skilling personnel.

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