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Process Assurance

An effective transformation plan doesn't just focus on where you want to go - it needs to be founded on where you're starting from.
Oselix’s process assurance services deliver this clarity, providing insight into business process performance as well as the broader change capability of the organisation.

Brainstorming Session

Business Process Reviews

Accurately identifying what needs to change is perhaps the most critical step in the transformation journey. 

A business process review provides an in-depth assessment of the current-state business processes to expose root-cause issues and identify opportunities to improve effectiveness and drive efficiency. Once complete it represents an essential input to inform the right transformation strategy.


Change Readiness Assessments

Change agility is an organisation's ability to implement transformation activity effectively. Change readiness assessments draw focus to the state of the current process architecture and determine its fitness for purpose.  It looks for evidence of organisational and functional definitions, and proposes steps necessary to ready the business for major change.

Data on a Touch Pad

Assurance as a Service

Without on-going attention, process improvements and change readiness architectures can quickly fall into disrepair – quickly eroding their ROI.

In-line with Oselix's commitment to continual business evolution we can provide continual, light-touch assurance services that ensure these systems continue to operate as designed, and healthy state of change readiness is maintained.

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