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Change Readiness

An organisation's transformation agility - it’s capability to implement change efficiently and effectively - is to a great extent predicated on its change readiness.  At the heart of this is the Organisational Design – a critical model of the business that acts as a map with which to navigate the organisation.

Oselix understands how best to produce Organisational Designs that are lean and powerful, and help businesses maximise change velocity.


Functional Definitions

The first component of the Organisational Design is the Functional Definition, which describes the organisation in static terms - what it does and how it is structured - and forms the basis for identifying business accountabilities.  Sounds simple.  Typically, however, an organisation’s Functional Definition is rarely definitive, resulting in ambiguity that directly constrains change velocity.
Oselix create clear, unambiguous Functional Definitions that inform better organisational design decisions, expose accountability gaps, and facilitate rapid decision-making.

Flow Chart



The second component of the Organisational Design is the Process Framework, which acts as a means of navigating the processes that define how an organisation runs its business. Although the Process Framework is another artefact critical to informing change design - they are frequently poorly realised, often being implemented as ill-maintained process libraries that are little more than an approximation of an organisation’s operations.
Oselix take a more pragmatic approach to the definition of Process Frameworks, and design light-weight solutions that avoid unrealistic maintenance overheads, yet serve to inform the change process effectively.


Business Evolution Systems

Although the drivers of change are constant, many organisations still engage in a stuttering approach to change, reimagining transformation programmes over and over, with diminishing integrity and breeding change fatigue.
A better approach is to embrace continual change and weave it into the fabric of the organisation, so normalising a gradual business evolution and reducing change-shock amongst the work-force.
Oselix is able to help define continual change systems, that embed a more controlled and methodical approach for sustainable change.

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